Updating Brother printer firmware with Linux

I’ve got a network laser printer (Brother DCP-7065DN) in my home office which is only accessible from a Linux desktop …and guest what?; you can only update the firmware from a M$ Windows PC or from a Mac! 😦

After a lot of Googling and talking to the Brother’s support (which is obviously clueless), I’ve found the following blogs:

Resurrecting a Brother HL-2250DN after a failed firmware update
Brother Network Firmware Update with Linux

To get the content of the WebService request, I’ve downloaded a MIB SNMP browser from iReasoning and done a SNMP walk to extract the required values. The printer came with an original firmware version D (22/10/2010) and the latest is version J (06/09/2013).



…after curling the request to the WebService

curl -X POST -d @request.xml https://firmverup.brother.co.jp/kne_bh7_update_nt_ssl/ifax2.asmx/fileUpdate -H "Content-Type:text/xml" --sslv3

…BOOM!! 😉

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

…finally just need to flash the firmware via FTP

wget http://update-akamai.brother.co.jp/CS/LZ3637_J.djf
ftp <printer IP address> (the user id is the admin password!)
  send LZ3637_J.djf

I can’t believe how easy it’ll be to provide a cross-platform tool to flash the firmware or just providing a direct link to the firmware file! …come on @Brother!!


~ by cedricbompart on February 5, 2014.

One Response to “Updating Brother printer firmware with Linux”

  1. I made a tool to automate this: https://github.com/CauldronDevelopmentLLC/oh-brother

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